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Attention... Live Event Leaders 

Are you ready to give the best event of your life, impact your audience and feel supported throughout?

Through the years, I have attended several personal development seminars and I have observed that when the leader didn't have the support needed, it changed the whole dynamic of the message and the flow of the event

In retrospect...perhaps you can relate to this:

Although you were well prepared for your event, you now wish that could have had a qualified and trusted ally who would have assisted you with the unexpected or unsettling emotions that you had experienced before going on stage

You were experiencing some stress and would have loved to have felt more comfortable, energized and confident in the delivery of your message and even more so when it came time to make your offer

There was someone who was disturbing in the audience, diverting you from being totally focused on your message and you needed some energy clearing around that

You presented the content of your event without the energy flow that your audience should have felt and that influenced the impact you could have made

Whether this is your first event and you wish to be supported or you have experienced any of these hindrances in your past events and consequently, you are now ready to be supported for your future events take heed...

France, The Event Whisperer is here to assist you

For years, I have studied with the masters and cultivated the gifts, talents and strengths that allow me to shift energies in a room, in groups and in individuals. I have personally dedicated my life in transcending self-limiting beliefs, fears and doubts and have helped others to do the same. In addition to being a transformational author, empowering coach, motivational speaker, workshop leader, a high frequency channel, a certified hypnotherapist, an intuitive soul reader, I have also been initiated in the lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda, was imparted spiritual knowledge from Dr. Baskaran Pillai and graduated as a conscious agent of evolution from Barbara Marx Hubbard Institute 

My mission is to connect, support and assist event leaders who empowers leadership in others with the sharing of their vision, message, mission and teachings and in doing so, they create a greater impact in the world

With France as your personal Event Whisperer, you receive the following services:  

  • A personal consultation to review and optimize the flow of your event
  • A prior private coaching session up to 1 week prior to your event to help you overcome stress such as: overcoming fears, limiting beliefs and releasing/transforming your emotions around your offer
  • Personal time with you ½ hour prior to your event and during breaks to help you stay focused on your mission, your message and shift your energy so that you feel confident and empowered. I have many incredible healing tools and unique modalities to assist you such as Reiki healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and other unique modalities used, if necessary
  • Be present with you throughout your entire event giving you personal support and helping you with any difficulties that may arise
  • If a potential client needs support, coaching or healing to remove blocks/fears concerning money or limiting beliefs, I can help the client reach the decision of accepting your offer
  • If you are experiencing physical discomfort, I can ease your pain, by my being a Reiki healer
  • I can enliven your energy field so that you feel tireless, energized and powerful
  • I can provide assistance if an unexpected situation arises, which could disrupt your event
  • I can help you to feel so comfortable presenting your offer that your attendees will feel just as comfortable in the acceptance of it, resulting in greater than expected results

 I have personally assisted my son Tiamo and others who leads transformational seminars throughout the year and as they attest themselves, the outcome of their events could have been very different without my assistance. 

By using my services as your Event Whisperer, you can be assured that your success is my priority!

I am dedicated to support you as a leader who impacts others in such a way that they make quantum leaps in their own lives and are ignited with passion and clarity in achieving their purpose

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