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Yelena Yahontova - Yelena Photographer of Joy 

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Yelena Yahontova is Award-Winning Photography Artist, owner/founder of “YELENA: Photographer of JOY”, Costume Stylist, Soul Healer with a Camera, Goddess Essence Awakener, Wild Feminine Activator. Located in La Jolla, CA. Well-known for her soulful, magical, royalty-worthy Goddess portrait photo art.

Goddess Portrait Art Awakening, Honoring and Celebrating the Goddess in Every Woman

Healing and transforming how women see themselves through “Goddess Embodiment” photo experience and portrait art.  “Goddess Embodiment” photo experience is about celebration of women—their uniqueness, beauty, femininity, divinity and soul. “I believe that every woman is beautiful no matter their age or their size, that every woman deserves to be celebrated, and every woman is a goddess,” says Yelena Yahontova, the owner of portrait studio, Yelena: Photographer of Joy. The name signifies her mission to create joyful, magical portraits that capture the soul of the people she photographs.

Yelena says the idea of the goddess sessions came to her after realizing how many women suffered from low self-esteem. She would see beautiful women who simply didn’t believe they were beautiful. It bothered her that women weren’t more accepting of themselves. So much, in fact, that she was determined to make a change and get them to see what she saw in them.

 “I'm absolutely convinced that there are no unattractive women, only those who don't let themselves feel attractive due to narrow and misguided preconceptions about the nature of beauty,” notes Yelena. “It became my mission to raise women’s self-esteem; to empower them and help them heal and transform by portraying them as beautiful goddesses.”

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