Life coaching: Would you like to jumpstart into your life with a brand new roadmap and vision for your personal and business goals? If so, my expertise, dedication and support can help you achieve remarkable success. I can help you overcome any doubts or fears that could hold you back.

Goddess coaching: Women of all ages hire me to discover the Goddess types that influence them the most.In doing so, they can finally embrace who they truly are, serve their life purpose, chose better relationships, live an healthier life and make empowering decisions. I also lead workshops to that effect. 

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$ 250.00 USD

The soul reading is performed in a sacred space where I connect with your Angels, Mentors, Guides to receive the guidance that is the most needed for you at the time of the reading. You do not need to be present. A healing is performed as  the reading is being dictated through me. Once completed I will email you the transcribed information received. We then can review it together over the phone.  


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The form of energy used for the healing is called REIKI (pronounced "RAY-key"). It is a form of hands-on healing with origins traced back at least 2,500 years through writings in Japan, the Buddhist Sutras and Tibetan sacred texts. Cultures dating back to ancient times have had the wisdom and knowledge that an unseen energy flows through all living things, and is directly related to health by stimulating vitality and well being. The ability to channel this energy has been passed from practitioner to practitioner through training lineages, since Dr. Usui "rediscovered" it at the end of the 19th century in Japan. The benefits of Reiki have been acknowledged by western medicine, as many nurses are attuned and using this technique on patients in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and hospice centers around the world. Reiki brings awareness of dysfunctional patterns, helps create balance, clarity and release at a physical, emotional and spiritual level.