I've been leading live events for up to 200 people the last 3 years and would never think about doing my events without France! She works with me privately back stage to keep me so energized, clear, confident, and bursting with confidence the entire 3 days! Before working with France, audiences used to "steal my energy", but now, I can keep giving and speaking at such a high level from morning until night because of her amazing coaching, healing, and energy work. And because I make a high-level mastermind offer at my events, not only does France help me to feel absolute peace and certainty in delivering my offer, but she works with individual attendees right at the event to help them overcome their fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs around investing in themselves and joining my mastermind.

As a direct result of France's skills and brilliance, I know that every event will be a huge success in my delivery as a speaker and my success with event sales. If you are a workshop leader and want to optimize your event experience, results, and sales, then hiring France for your live event is an absolute must and for every event you ever do!"

Tiamo De Vettori CEO/Founder Be The Dream Unlimited, Inc.




Thanks to France, my recent live 3 day event was a huge success. France provided value in so many different ways including meeting with me prior to my event to review and optimize the flow of my training so that it was consistent with my desired outcomes for the event.

We met early on the first day of the training to "feng shui" the meeting space, ( hotels can be so cold and impersonal) and  France also provided "energy clearing" for me as needed on breaks and at the start of each day. Those energy clearings were amazing! In minutes, I was even more uplifted, grounded and excited to return to the stage to be with my audience.

France was also available as a resource if an event participant needed personalized attention and for those who experienced money blocks or fears about "jumping" into the mastermind I offered.  Thanks to France's natural charisma, loving, highly intuitive and supportive nature and her " spot on" insights, I was able to fully relax, enjoy and be supported which allowed me to be my absolute best for my audience.  

I HIGHLY recommend anyone who does live events to connect with France, The Event Whisperer. You will love her and so will your audience! She is absolutely essential and is your key to a smooth and successful event!

Diana Long MS CLC PCC

Board Certified Coach

Success Coaching & Consulting for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners


     Every great performance has meticulous planning behind the scenes. Without a solid foundation to stand on, things might crumble. France is a true event stabilizer and whisperer from planning to executing and the aftermath. She helped prepare me, mentally, energetically, spiritually and also assisted in fine tuning my presentation so that it would connect with my audience and move them towards action! I am so grateful for France, my coach, mentor and Event Whisperer.

Makayla Leone, Author and keynote speaker


     From the beginning of my one year coaching with France I always felt connected and cared for. She has such a loving heart and an encouraging spirit, which together is a strong force for transformation. I never once wavered in my belief that she had my back.  France helped me in various ways. She helped me to see things from different points of view, especially when it came to editing my talk as a speaker and helping me work through personal challenges. Her wisdom, grace and knowledge was helping me to grow and excel. I still feel the momentum, and I am now out of my chrysalis in my butterfly phase....in the strengthening the wings part.

From a scale of 1 to 10 one being the lowest, I give France a 10 as a coach, a mentor and a guide. She is the best and I am so grateful for her. I am happy that I took a leap last year and asked her to come along this journey with me. Her grace, energy, intelligence and beauty attracted me to call out to her. Thank you for helping me see those same qualities in myself. 



 #1 Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker & Wellness Enthusiast


France is hands down a shining light, inside and out. She encompasses such grace, truth and wisdom and is a true joy to be around. I cannot wait to experience her Goddess Archetypes event as I have heard nothing but fantastic things about it.  
France, I appreciate you and all that you do! Thank you for shining your light in my life!

Julia Kay, Certified Coach

Your Greatest Day, LLC


Testimonials on Healing/Readings:

Having taken Reiki attunements before I thought I knew what to expect, I was wrong. France blew me away with her knowledge, insight and clairvoyance. I had a life changing experience; one that has forever changed the course of my family and myself. I was shocked at just how accurate France was. She knew things about me, that quite honestly I had never voiced to anyone. Further, she was able to capture the spirit of my children, helping me to be a better parent and guide. Through this reading, France was deeply connected to my and my children’s highest self, and was able to pull messages and insights on how we could achieve our highest purpose. This reading was not just a clairvoyance session. It was so much more. She brought through pure messages and was able to attach to those messages deeply profound insights from my highest self. Did I say I was blown away? ; ) I can’t even think of the words to express my absolute gratitude for this reading and for finding someone with a true gift. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!! I would definitely reccomend this reading for everyone!!!

Chelsa Michelson, Poway, CA


France Barringer's readings are the most amazing and insightful readings that I was ever given. She uncovered thoughts and feelings that I had never told anyone.  Not only did she expose them, her channeling provided insight into helping and healing negative and unproductive emotions. The advice given was priceless. More importantly she also did a reading for each of my young children. She was so accurate and it was so powerful that it brought tears to my husband’s eyes and mine. That is how healing it was. These readings were such jewels, that I will cherish them for many years to come. My gratitude and love to her for such a blessing. 

Dorian Hudson-Span, Chula Vista


I've had many readings done in my life by the most coveted channellers, but none were as accurate, profound, and transformational as the reading France Barringer did for me. She provided answers to my deepest questions that I've been carrying my whole life around family, love, business, prosperity, health, and purpose. Undoubtedly, her insight came from the higest wisdom of Spirit in remarkably specific ways that were breathtaking. It was as if my soul was talking through her and in the process, my greatest life mysteries have been unlocked. Now, I hold the grandest secrets to my life happiness in ways that I could never see before. Great change is inevitable after this reading, and so is the path to ease, inner peace, and empowerment that I've been seeking. Life is so much easier when you have the answers. If you're ready to uncover your deepest truths, then having a reading with France is not a luxury, it's a neccessity. End the struggle of having to find the answers on your own, and do this for yourself NOW! One reading with France can save you years or even a lifetime of searching!

 T. Vittorio DV , San Diego


My husband and I have been working on having a baby for about 6 months now.  I have been going to France for Reiki treatments regarding fertility and any other issues that may pop up for 4 sessions now and I have to say that I have never been so relaxed and stress free. I feel like this is creating the perfect environment for pregnancy.  I have noticed such a difference in how I react to things and feel so peaceful as we go through this progress of having a baby.  During the treatment I feel such loving healing energy envelope me, I was also excited to hear that during one session our baby spoke to France!.  France has a very special gift and I have and will continue to recommend her to people that are looking for an alternative type of healing! 

Diane D, Carmel Mountain Ranch


I heard about France's amazing accuracy regarding her readings from a friend that had them done for her and her children.  I was so excited to have my own reading and hear what my higher self had to say. Boy was I blown away!  Not only did I have a deeper understanding of who I am today and the amazing path that I am on, I was also able to heal 45 year old wounds between me and my Dad who had "left me" when I was 2 yrs old! Although I had been working healing for some time now (and my Dad is now a part of my life), the story that I had carried since I was a baby with a heavy heart, confusion and feelings of not being wanted were quickly healed. I felt a lightness come over me and I reached a peaceful understanding of why my Dad left and a new closeness with him replaced the wounds I had carried for so long.  I can now truly look at my Dad and our relationship through eyes of love and understanding.  Funny enough, I totally see a shift in how my Dad and I relate and he doesn't even know I had the reading!!!  I love knowing that it has helped to heal him too!  This is nothing like the readings that I have had in the past...France has an amazing gift that I believe can heal and release blocks that have been keeping you from going forward!! I have recommended her to many friends and will continue to do so! 

Dee Dee San Diego, CA


France is truly blessed with many gifts and one of them is giving healing readings. These readings provide information to the individual from their guides and Angels to assist them in recognizing truth, areas in need of development/attention, support and unconditional love. The reading France did for me provided all the above mentioned and so much more. An experience impossible to put into words other than to say, we truly are never alone even when we think we are. If you're ready to connect with the messages from your guides and feel the healing power of the Universe, then France is the person to seek. She is magically gifted and so humble in all she does; the ultimate combination. 

Joseph MC T, San Diego


      As you are reading these words in this very moment, you may not consciously realize it, but your higher self has led you to these pages. You may call it your inner wisdom, intuition, spirit, guidance, or even providence. But the real beauty is that you have listened to the subtle whispers that have brought you here. You have acknowledged the “You” that on some level desires to be heard, understood, seen, and subsequently, healed and empowered. In order to walk the path of growth, healing, and completeness with the past, we need someone we can trust to lead us through the present—because we can’t do this alone. We need a teacher that can take our hand and be human with us. The greatest of teachers do not say “follow me” but rather “I’ll go first”. Their courage to step into the unknown and hold a torch to illuminate our path is a gift beyond measure. Should you be so fortunate to meet such a teacher, you will have been one of the very few to have this privilege. Prepare to be one of the fortunate few. France Barringer is much more than the author of Healing The Broken Pieces Of My Life, she is that once-in-a -lifetime teacher that has walked the path and is now reaching out her hand, inviting you to take the journey that you have been reluctant to go on your entire life…until now. Many authors write their life story, and as the reader, sometimes you feel like you are a detached, outside observer of their life. However, France’s life story will awaken your story. The breadth, richness, and depth of France’s emotions in her life are not unique to her—they are emotions that we all have felt on some level to varying degrees. Yet, so many of us have lacked the love, support, and compassion needed to unlock the vault of our inner most feelings that have been yearning to be noticed. But now, your imperfections are safe to emerge and come out in the open as France stands in hers with an honesty that is so refreshing and inspiring. The true bravery of this book is the masterful way in which France shares her story with vulnerability and transparency that is to be admired. With organic and unfiltered emotions, France gets to the core of human emotion in a way that will grip you, push you to the edge, and evoke emotions rooted so deep within you that have been unconsciously running your life. This book will uproot everything you have suppressed and ignored just to survive. France’s story goes way beyond survival, and into the triumph of learning how to truly live by overcoming your biggest fears. This is an invitation for you to stop surviving, and start living life to the fullest. It takes a wise soul to know that the thing that scares us the most is the thing that we’re most meant to be doing. In this book, you will not only see how France faced her biggest fears head on by writing her story, but you will come to understand that her Divine purpose is to help you find yours. And as you read France’s story, you might think to yourself, “If France can overcome everything she did and find inner peace, it’s time for me to look at myself and start living the life I was meant to live!” As a testament to the authentic nature of this book, France asked me, her youngest son, to write her book's preface. As unconventional as this might be, it illustrates that time and again, she shows us the beauty of coloring outside the lines, challenging conformity, and how to find our own unique voice in a sea of humanity. As you will discover, I have shared in much of my mom’s journey. Yet, as I read her book, it felt as though I was hearing everything for the first time. With a purity and innocence that is so hard to find in today’s world, I’m confident in saying that as you read this book, you will feel like you can relate to her. You will feel connected. You will feel emotions down to your bones. You will feel like you are not alone on your journey. You will feel a sense of hope, release, freedom, and excitement for what’s ahead. As her proud son, it has been a privilege to see my mom evolve into a teacher beyond my life, and that of humanity. And what I love most about this book is that France inspires in two ways. 1) By her example and how she’s overcome adversity in ways that are nothing short of heroic. 2) By giving you very practical tools so that you can overcome your fears on the path to your healing. Many times, people overcome great odds and leave us inspired, but do not share how we can do this in our lives. However, should you choose to transform your life, France has provided a guide book that will help you to face your biggest challenges and experience the healing, forgiveness, and ultimately, self love that waits for you on the other side. For once you can love yourself, love will flow to others in ways that are natural to the human spirit, not to the human mind. I have often heard people say that it is a miracle that my mom turned out to be so vibrant and full of life given the challenges of her life. Yet, the real miracle is the one that lives inside each of us, ready to be awakened from its life-long slumber. This book will be your soul’s alarm clock. As a singer/songwriter, I have written many original songs. But there is one in particular that holds a special place in my heart called “Angel On The Ground” that I wrote for my mom. Once you read this book, you will experience how she can be an angel in your life. I believe Angels come in many forms. This one has come in the form of my mother. Honoring you on your courageous journey, Tiamo De Vettori http://www.tiamomusic.com/